Magic Times 1997

The last few years have been very exciting. After producing and directing The Improbable Improvisational Ensemble, taking on the leadership challenge of coaching an Odyssey of the Mind team was an incredible learning experience. 

The growth and development of this web site has brought with it the opportunity to develop web sites for others, I am particularly happy with the site I developed for Dan Levinson.

My time these days is divided between website development and promoting The Improbable Improvisational Ensemble. Thanks to Pam Gorman, who produces Foothill Community Access Television's Concert Series, we were able to tape one of the 1997 shows at the Nevada Theatre. Larry Pitts and myself edited the cablecast.

Over the years, I've done a lot of radio and occasionally have offered my services as a DJ. My good friend and associate, Dan'l McIlhenny has also done some DJ work over the years. We have combined our talents and have begun to spin disks together on a regular basis. The nice part is, we both have more time to meet the audience and enjoy the events we have been asked to do. It's also nice not having to do all the packing and unpacking alone. We call this new endeavor The Dan and Mike Show.

In 1997, after producing Sierra Video Systems' live presentation for the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to work with Aaron Tonnisen and other members of the SVS staff, writing a manual for their Mirage Chroma Keyer.

One of the most exciting parts of the NAB project was producing two music videos featuring the music of Dan'l McIlhenny.

Some of our production crew: Dan'l, Liz Fjeldheim, Rex Duarte, myself and Carolyn.

Video Clip of Las Vegas Showgirls

During the summer of 1997, I worked with Marti Dimock to coordinating Nevada County's booth for the county and state fair. The theme was "Nevada County Puts You On Stage". The booth was well received at the county fair and won a gold medal in the state competition.

fairexhibitB.jpg (24185 bytes)
"Nevada County Puts You On Stage"

Many interesting projects have come my way over the years. My passion for writing, photography, books, movies, music, television and radio has opened many doors and generated some truly exciting opportunities. Combining these passions with my interest in the internet, I am ready to embark on a new cyberspace adventure.

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