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Carolyn Maginot at Wordslingers  

Carolyn Maginot as Lola Montez at the 1997 Wordslingers Festival.

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Carolyn Maginot as Lola Montez

Bio (Or Who I Am)

Carolyn is an all around creative being. A product of an Art School education, she continues to discover herself in a variety of mediums.

She has performed in and around Nevada County for the past six years, acting in plays with professional, non-professional theatre companies, in videos, on the radio and as an improvisational and stand-up comedienne. She has thoroughly researched the life and times of Nevada County legend, Lola Montez, and is often called upon to do historical impersonations for local events. She is also a musical composer, and a writer of short fiction, essays and belligerent letters to the Editor of the local newspaper.

Carolyn also pursues her love of two-dimensional art as well, and is delving deeply into computer graphics, which she hopes to become proficient in sometime soon. For twelve years she has been married to Mike Maginot, the director of the Improbable Improvisational Ensemble (and no, that doesn't mean special favors) and has a 12 year old daughter, Marlene.


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